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Top 5 Bikes You Need To Stock: July 2023 Edition

Nigel Groce-Wright

The highest value sale we can make in our industry goes without saying, but still worth mentioning…bikes! We as shop owners have access to wholesale pricing, and manufacturers are willing to provide the bikes we need, it’s up to us to decide on the right steeds to have in stock. The Bike Collective is here to help, let’s talk about the top 5 bikes you need to have stock in any bike shop based on the consumer reports, as of July 2023.

My name is Nigel Groce-Wright and I am an avid down hill rider. I have been riding bikes for over a decade. I am passionate about the industry and even more passionate about shredding the trails. 

In this article, we will talk about the top five most popular bikes in July 2023. We are going to discuss the pros and cons of each. After reading this article you will easily be able to pick out your new favorite bike.

Let’s jump in!

What To Look For When Choosing A Bike?

Buying a new bike involves several considerations, each of which depends on the type of biking you plan on doing, your fitness level, your budget, and your personal preference. Here are some key aspects you should consider:

  1. Type of Bike: There are various types of bikes, such as road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, cruiser bikes, and so on. Your choice depends on where and how you plan to use the bike. Road bikes are best for paved roads and long, speed-focused rides. Mountain bikes are made for off-road trails and rough terrain. Hybrid bikes can handle a variety of surfaces and are great for casual riding or commuting.

  2. Bike Size: The bike should fit your body in terms of height and reach. An incorrectly sized bike will not only be uncomfortable but can also lead to injuries. Bike sizes are typically measured in centimeters or inches (for the frame size), and sometimes use generic sizes like S, M, L. Keep in mind that bike sizes can vary greatly among manufacturers.

  3. Bike Fit: Apart from the overall size of the bike, the way the bike fits you is also crucial. This includes the height and position of the saddle, the distance to the handlebars, and the position of the pedals. Some bike shops offer bike fitting services.

  4. Components/Specs: Pay attention to the components such as the braking system (disc brakes or rim brakes), gears (number and type), suspension (for mountain bikes), tires, and so on. These parts could influence the bike’s performance, weight, and price.

  5. Material: Bikes are typically made from materials such as aluminum, steel, carbon fiber, or titanium. Each has its pros and cons in terms of weight, strength, ride quality, and price.

  6. Budget: Bikes can range in price from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. A more expensive bike usually means lighter weight, higher quality components, and better durability. But for casual riders, an entry-level or mid-range bike could be more than enough.

  7. Test Ride: If possible, always test ride a bike before you buy it. This will give you a sense of how the bike handles and whether it feels comfortable.

  8. Purpose: Consider your purpose for the bike. If you intend to use it for commuting, you might want a bike that’s comfortable and has room for luggage. If fitness or racing is your goal, a lightweight and efficient bike may be preferred.

  9. Maintenance: Some bikes might require more maintenance than others. If you’re not comfortable with doing the maintenance yourself, consider the cost and frequency of professional servicing.

  10. Accessories: Remember that you may need to purchase additional gear, such as a helmet, lights, a lock, a water bottle holder, a pump, spare tubes, and potentially more, depending on your intended use.

  11. Brand Reputation: Check out the reputation of the brand and the reviews of the specific model you’re considering.

Remember, the best bike for you is the one that fits your individual needs, feels good to ride, and falls within your budget.

Giant Defy 2 Road Bike

Our goal is to grow our businesses, so we have to start with the riders we are attracting. A higher end road bike appeals to a rider who rides frequently enough to justify investing in the quality product. Not only are they going to purchase the better bike, they are also going to be coming back in as they need tune-ups and repairs. The type of rider attracted by offering the best-selling road bike of 2023 is an asset, and with other marketing you can extend the reach of your top notch offerings. Check it out here.

Specialized S-Works Epic Hardtail Mountain Bike

A fantastic staple piece to always have in the showroom is a hardtail mountain bike. The Specialized Epic comes in multiple builds, which will attract different types of riders to your shop. This bike is approachable to the average rider who wants to enjoy biking casually. The bike also is extremely versatile, so much that advanced and expert cross-country riders will look to this bike for daily rides. Attracting the types of customers who will return, engage, and support your business are who we are looking to attract and a hardtail mountain bike will get them in your shop. Check it out here.

Domane SLR 6 AXS Gen 4

Another top seller that your shop would benefit from stocking is a top-notch, race quality road bike. Every city has groups of road cyclists, some of whom are going to be skilled enough to race regionally, nationally, or internationally. We want these riders to rely on us as their race mechanics, and with the number of repairs and maintenance required to upkeep a racing steed these riders will buy new bikes. Having a bike, like the Trek Domane, that these riders can pick up and go out racing on is a huge selling point which gets serious riders to lean on your shop for their success. Check it out here.

Santa Cruz Hightower LT Mountain Bike

A best selling bike that shouldn’t be overlooked is the mid-high end full suspension mountain bike. The type of rider who will be looking at this bike is someone who knows they enjoy mountain biking and goes out enough to justify a more comfortable riding experience. This is also a rider who is going to understand maintaining their bike, but the times services are required will be higher dollar repairs and they will be in more frequently. Having a mid-high end full suspension mountain bike like the Santa Cruz Hightower brings a unique riding demographic to your shop, expanding your reach even farther. Check it out here.

Evil Following MBR

The high end mountain bike is another fantastic bike to have on your shop floor at all times. Proven to be a bestseller, these bikes bring buyers who are looking to invest in their hobbies. They may not be a constant presence in the riding community but they are serious about enjoying their time riding. The price tag is less of a concern for these folks and having a tool that can deliver the top-notch experience they are looking for will leave your shop in the front of their minds. Bikes like this Evil Following are premium products, but rest assured they remain top sellers for all bike shops.

Final Thoughts

With these 5 types of best-selling bikes on your shop floor, you will see different kinds of riders start to come in, engage, and rely on your shop to be their one-stop-shop for all of their riding needs. You will not have to worry about the competition when your customers trust you will have what they are looking for before they arrive. By having a diverse set of riding machines, those customers begin to trust you the second they step in the door.

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