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8 Bicycle Brands You Need To Stock

Nigel Groce-Wright

Today your friends at The Bike Collective are here to talk more about some of the advantages to the different bike brands out there. We’ll talk about how having the right brand in your shop can elevate your customer base, and in turn your profits. Customers develop loyalty to a brand, and with any luck by having their brands their loyalty will shift to you. Let’s dive in to our top 5 choices for this year’s bike brands

My name is Nigel Groce-Wright. I have been working with bike shops for close to a decade expand their business. In this guide, I am going to discuss the top selling brands of 2023. I am also going disucss what brands you need to stock in your bike shop today!


Founded in the early 1970’s Specialized has been a namesake at every level and style of bicycle riding. Their road bikes are on the podium of the Tour De France and the Olympics. As such they can be a focus point in your shop and those loyal to the Specialized will look to your shop as their first choice.

Trek Bikes

Another brand that has stood the test of time and you should consider stocking is Trek Bikes. Their mountain biking line can suit every price point, from entry-level riders all the way up to professional racers. Being part of and potential dealer of a large brand like Trek will elevate your shop’s exposure over time and you’ll be recognized as a key player in the Trek family.


With the larger brands out there taking much of the limelight it’s important to consider a brand like Giant as a major player and a fantastic brand to keep in your shop. This brand has the capabilities to manufacture a huge number of bikes in rapid fashion. As we’ve seen in recent years, supply chain issues can prevent bikes from coming to your shop when you need them. Having a large brand with a lower price point will allow you to purchase more bikes and reach a wider circle of riders.

Santa Cruz/Juliana

Following in the footsteps of Giant, high-end brand Santa Cruz has a sub-brand of bikes designed by female riders for female riders. This brand provides primarily mountain bikes and they are on the higher end of the price point which will attract yet another set of riders to your shop.

Scott Sports

Another brand which attracts riders across disciplines is the Scott Sports line of bicycles. Their road bikes are designed for versatility and durability, where their XC mountain bike continues to prove its performance on the World Cup podium. Riders who are passionate about the sport will be attracted to a brand like Scott, these are the riders we want to keep in our shops, and on our group rides.

Final Thoughts

Stocking the right brands will bring a new customer base to your shop and give you the ability to network with these folks. You’ll have access to wholesale pricing, loyalty discounts, and advertisements for your shop. We are here at the Bike Collective to help you examine the dealers out there and make the right choice for the riders who rely on you to have the bike they need in stock.

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