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22 Biking Accessories You Need To Buy In 2023

Nigel Groce-Wright

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You’ve got your new bike and you’re just about ready to head out on a ride. There are a few essential and non-essential items you need to pick up before leaving your local bike shop to make sure you are safe and comfortable out there while riding.

Top Accessories For Bikes

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Bicycle Helmet

On the top of the list of essentials is a bicycling specific helmet. Perhaps not the most fashionable accessory, you must have a helmet to ride your bike. In regional Highway Safety surveys across the country, data shows that up to 97% of deaths in bicycle accidents during 2014 occurred to riders not wearing a helmet. Ask your local bike shop staff to outfit you with the right size and style of helmet for your ride.

At The Bike Collective we recommend the Giro Fixture Mountain Cycling Helmet. This helmet is jam packed with safety features. It has multiple sizes to fit any head, big or small. We recommend this helmet for its awesome color selection too.

Bicycle Pump

Another essential item you need to have to keep your new bike running is a bicycle pump. You may choose a floor pump or a mounted hand-pump for your needs but you will need a tool to pump up those tires.

The BV Bike Pump Stainless Steel is a great option for someone looking for a hand pump. The pump can handle up to 160 PSI, enough air for most bike wheels. It also features a stainless steel construction so that it will stand the test of time. This is a great option for your at-home bicycle repair.

If you are on the road and find yourself with low air pressure, the Bicycle Mounted Pump by BV is a great option. This is especially useful for riders that find themselves constantly with low air pressure tires. We recommend this for anyone who gets a lot of flat tires and needs to pump up to get back to safety.

Bicycle Multi-Tool

On the essentials list is also a multi tool and a basic repair kit. Your bike shop will have lots of options but all bike specific multi-tools will have at least 3 sizes of hex/allen keys to tighten your bolts and a phillips-head screwdriver. During the course of your riding bolts will rattle loose and to prevent damage to your bike or components you will have to tighten those down.

For riders who need a strong bicycle multi-tool they should check out the Vibrelli Bike Multi Tool. This multi-tool has everything you need for basic roadside repairs. This is also a great option for in shop when you need something small to get to those tight to reach spots. There is also a torque wrench available from Vibrelli.

Bike Lock

If you are riding in a city, you cannot go without a bike lock. Even just leaving the bike for a second can result in your bike getting stolen. A bike lock is a highly recommended accessory for any rider in an urban area. In case you need to leave your bike unattended for any amount of time, have a bike lock on hand to keep it secure.

At The Bike Collective, we recommend you check out Master Bike Lock. They feature the safest bike locks for your road bike. They also feature a lock rating scale so you know how secure your lock is. If you are in an area with more bike thieves, we recommend a 5 or higher bike lock rating.

Bottle Cage (And Bottle)

An essential item you will need to have is a water bottle. Most bikes have a spot to install a bottle cage to carry your water with you while you ride. Hydration on your ride is essential and your local bike shop will make sure you have what you take water with you.

This Bicycle Bottle Cage by Schwinn is a great option. It universally fits most bikes. It is important to check your bike before purchasing that you can fit it on your bike. This bike cage comes with a free water bottle.

Lights, Lights, Lights!!!

An essential for road riders, and highly recommended for all riders, is a bike light. Road bikes are required to have a rear-facing red light for driver visibility, and it’s a good idea to have a front-facing white light. Before heading out to ride be sure to pick up these lights from your local bike shop.

At The Bike Collective, one of our favorite bike lights is the Kryptonite Bike Lights Kit. This light kit features a front and back-light you can easily attach to any bike. We suggest you check out this set if you spend any time riding during dusk, dawn or you ride a night.

Phone Mount

A non-essential but great addition to your new bike is a mount for your phone to attach to your bike. You may want your phone for routes and directions or your favorite tunes (at a safe volume). They are easy to install and make a great addition to your riding experience. This is a great option for a road rider who needs GPS to get instructions on where to ride.

We suggest the ORNARTO Bike Phone Holder Mount. It is a great option to hold your phone when riding on the road. It is also easy to adjust your route without having to take your phone out of the holder.

Action Camera

Another non-essential but great idea to have in your bag of bike accessories is an action camera. Many of these cameras can hold hours of high definition footage, and are small enough to fit in your pocket. These cameras are a great idea for road and mountain bikers alike to re-watch your favorite rides.

We recommend the Bicycle Action Camera by GoPro. This is a great option for riders and comes with everything you need to mount up and record. Whether you are an influencer who wants to record more content or a casual rider who wants to enjoy their trip footage, this is a great option.

Bike GPS

An important but not essential accessory is a GPS computer that attaches to your handlebars. These computers record a huge amount of data while you’re riding including location, speed, distance traveled, route instructions, emergency communication, and many others. Your local bike shop is sure to have these in stock and on their website.

One of the leaders in the bike GPS space is Garmin Bike GPS. We highly recommend the Garmin Edge. This is one features LiveTrack. It uses a satellite and an altimeter to track you.

First Aid Kit

An essential item for anybody to have when going out for a bike ride is a first aid kit. Whether you are a road rider or a down hill mountain rider, you need a first aid kit. In the event you are involved in an accident or crash, a first aid kit will help keep you safe until you are able to reach the proper medical professionals. Always have your first aid kit.

At The Bike Collective, we recommend this Bicycle First-Aid Kit. It is important to stay safe when riding. This is a good kit for any bike rider. This kit is compact and easy to use no matter the situation.  

Rain Gear

A cycling specific rain jacket and gloves will save you should you find yourself caught in a rainstorm. These pieces are designed with breathability and waterproofing to keep you dry and cool while you ride.

We recommend this Bicycling Rain Jacket. This jacket by BALEAF is good for riders. It features many color options. The jacket is also good for riding at night because the material is reflective. There are also fluorescent options to stay even more safe.

Bicycle Riding Glasses

Another non-essential item you’ll want to consider is cycling glasses. These glasses often include inter-changeable lenses in order to keep your eyes protected in all conditions. They are also vented to prevent fogging during your ride.

If you are looking for Bicycling Glasses, look no further. These glasses are polarized which protect you from UV rays. They also feature different colors of shades so you can easily swap out the shade based on your current riding scenarios.

Riding Nutrition

If you are planning to do bike rides that will be over 2 hours you will need to plan to take in some calories to keep your body fueled. There are many solutions out there but some cycling nutrition solutions have a specific electrolyte balance that will keep you at full performance.

When you are riding, The Bike Collective recommends these Cycling Nutrition – Chews. These bars made by Cliff are tasty. They are also easy to take on the road. You can also easily fit them when riding downhill. It is important to continue to add nutrients to your body while riding so you do not get sick or faint.

Bike Bell

An essential for riders in large cities or crowded trail centers, is a bike bell. To protect your safety and the safety of others it’s important to alert other people you are approaching. They will be able to yield or adjust their route so you can steer around or slow to a stop. Some areas require cyclists to have a bell so be sure to check with your local bike shop before heading out.

This Cycling Bell by ROCKBROS has a loud ringer. It is sturdy and durable. It also features a hidden design that does not take up space on your handlebars.

Handlebar Bag

A non-essential item that will suit many cyclists is a handlebar bag. These bags allow you to pack extra items, like your repair kit and first-aid kit, and attach them directly to your bike. This leaves more space in your backpack for valuables and even prevents the need to wear a backpack entirely.

If you need a handlebar bag, you want the ROCKBROS handlebar bag. This bag has small profile but can store a lot of stuff. It is great for mountain bikers and road riders.

Bicycle Panniers

An additional storage solution to carry extra items on your bike ride is a pannier rack. These light weight racks attach to your rear wheel axle and form an arch around your rear wheel. This allows you space to attach items on either side of the rear wheel and behind the saddle. Riders interested in commuting or camping with their bikes will want to get a set of panniers from their local bike shop.

Bicycle Panniers Rack by CXWXC are a great option for riders. This rack fits a touring profile. It is compatible with most 26″ to 29″ wheels. It works with disk and non-disk brakes.

Reflective Vest

An essential for riding bikes at night is a reflective vest. This garment alone will increase your visibility to drivers on the road and with your rear facing red light you’ll greatly reduce your chances of being in an accident.

This is a great option for a Bicycle Reflective Vest. This vest is bright and will keep you safe on the road. It is important to make sure that you have the right safety accessories on the road. This is a great option for bike riders who spend time on busy streets.

Reflective Tape

Another safety item you will want to have is reflective tape for your bike. Bike accidents can be prevented by ensuring drivers can see you when you are on the road. Reflective tape on your bike is another tool your bike shop will be able to equip you with to keep you safe on your rides.

If you are looking for the best reflective tape on the market, look no further. This is a great option for Bicycle Reflective Tape. We suggest bicycle reflective tape for riders who need who have bikes with dark profiles. This is also a great option for night riders who need increased visibility. 

Bicycle Riding Socks

A non-essential but beneficial accessory is riding specific socks. These socks are designed to cool your feet and dry them out if you ride through a puddle or stream. Biking shoes often are designed to keep water out so having socks that lets sweat dry will extend the life of your riding shoes.

The right pair of riding socks will help your feet recover from a long ride. These Cycling Socks by Swiftwick are great for riders who have sweaty feet. These have moisture-wicking material to help your feet breathe better when riding. They also come in reflective colors for night riders who want to stay safe.

Chamois Shorts

A great way to stay comfortable on your rides is to purchase a pair of chamois shorts or bibs. These garments include a soft cushion in the rear to reduce impacts from sitting on the saddle. Road riders and those in the saddle for long periods of time will want to get a pair of chamois shorts from their local bike shop.

These Cycling Chamois Shorts are a great option for riders who need comfortable riding shorts. We suggest these shorts because of the ergonomic 4D pad. Keep in mind you can only wash these by hand. They also feature a utility pocket.

Hydration Pack

Another item that is non-essential but worth considering is a hydration pack with a water bladder. These small backpacks or hip packs allow you to carry up to 3 liters of water with you. When your rides extend for 3 or 4 hours a hydration system like this will keep you hydrated.

We suggest this Cycling Hydration Pack for riders who take long trips. It is lightweight but can hold 2L of water. This is a great option for riders who are going to be riding a long distance between watering stations. This option is also great for riders who want a lightweight backpack.

Support Your Local Bike Shop

No matter where you ride, support your local bike shop. Every bike shop sells these accessories and The Bike Collective loves local bike stores. Although we included links for you to shop, we encourage you to go to your local bike shop and ask for a recommendation. 

These hardworking business owners have taken years to develop their understanding and knowledge of the market. They can not only help you find the right bike, but they can help you fit a helmet. If you are looking for a local bike shop, check out our bike shop directory. We have created a list of local bike shops that have your best interest in mind!

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