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We Turn Your Customers Into Fans

We understand that your independent bike shop is more than a business; it’s a passion.  Our goal? To help you grow your customer base and transform them into loyal fans, not just one-time buyers. We’re here to create a biking movement, not just sell more bikes. Let’s work together to turn your shop into a hub for your community, creating deep connections between your customers and your brand. Join us and let’s pedal towards success.


We make sure you stand out online in your local market, this in turn brings you more loyal fans of your shop. Customer retention at its finest.


Through our years of experience in retail operations, we provide customers with a streamlined shopping experience.

Increased Revenue

We started in this industry to solve a major problem for independent bike shops. Our only goal in mind is making you more money.

Why Us?

We understand how bike shops work

Running an independent bike shop can be challenging, with the need to balance deep local knowledge with the realities of a tough retail environment. That’s where The Bike Collective comes in. We support your store’s independence while offering the strength of a larger network. We focus on your specific needs, helping to grow your business and elevate your customer experience. Why us? We’re committed to transforming your customers into loyal fans, leveraging your local expertise and our collective power. With The Bike Collective, you don’t just survive – you thrive.








Services Offered

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The Bike Collective Difference

Loyal Customers

Our bike shop rewards program is made with your customers in mind. Whether it is a first time or repeat customer, the rewards program ensures they come back everytime.

Better Repairs

We found an overwhelming problem among bike shops is a streamline system for customers to track repairs and communicate with customers important updates.

Reduced Expenses

As an independent business, sometimes getting the best price can be difficult. The Bike Collective gives you the power of big corporations while maintaining your autonomy as an independent.

So what is The Bike Collective?

We’re aiming to create a significant impact by bringing together bicycle retailers across the United States. What’s the motivation? The independent bicycle dealers (IBDs) across the country constitute a formidable and distinctive force in the sector, bolstered by their rich history, fervor, expertise, and unbeatable local edge. They outshine catalogs, large-scale stores, and direct-to-consumer bikes.

However, too frequently, the scale of America’s IBDs is merely reduced to an annual industry financial report figure. The Bike Cooperative aims for a better scenario, a vibrant future for America’s local bike stores. Every day, our members experience the significant contrast between merely existing and actively cooperating.

If your goals include increasing profitability, expanding your business, and seizing greater control over your future, now is the perfect opportunity to join The Bike Cooperative. Our programs, ranging from cost reduction and payment processing to marketing, consumer finance, and more, are tailor-made for IBDs like you.


Learn More About Our Happy Members

Joining The Bike Cooperative has been a game-changer for my small shop. Not only have we seen an increase in profitability, but the collective marketing resources and payment processing tools have streamlined our operations. We're no longer just a statistic, but an active part of a nationwide network committed to supporting independent bicycle dealers. I'd highly recommend other local bike shops to become members!"
"The Bike Cooperative has provided us with the tools and resources to grow our business beyond what we thought possible. From cost-saving programs to consumer financing, we've been able to offer more to our customers and strengthen our local presence. Being part of a national network while maintaining our independence is truly the best of both worlds."
"Ever since we joined The Bike Cooperative, we've felt more in control of our future. The cooperative’s vision aligns with our passion for bicycles and local community engagement. It's not just about being profitable, but also about making a positive impact in the industry and our community. The Cooperative's programs are designed for shops like ours and they have significantly contributed to our success. Don't miss out on this opportunity!"

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